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SU & Wait till it’s 10.30

Shut ups · 2010

Concept that finds its origin in my skype status that always begins by “Shut up and…”. Expressing a mood, a feeling, an event, one single idea in one single phrase when you have a million things on your mind is very hard. On top of that some thoughts are sometimes better left unsaid or at least that’s what we’re taught to think. The impression I always “should” think before I say or do something, phrases like “Can I say this” or “Should I say that”, being to hard on myself, to the point it can lead to even stop me from creating or doing simple things are exactly where the “Shut up!” feeling comes from. Shutting myself up, to somehow let myself speak up again. “Shut ups” is what comes out through my brush when that finally happens. And my canvases are of course recycled materials, like cardboard boxes, wooden panels etc.


SU & Be Santorini’s terrorist


SU & Express yourself


SU & wait till the sun comes down

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