About me I’m originally from France. That’s where I grew up and studied graphic design and advertising. After I graduated I went to New York where I lived and worked for almost 2 years. Then I went back to my roots, in Greece. I’m french, yes, and half greek. I moved to Athens in …

Window to Spain

Window to Spain Free 6-month “summer cinema” experience at the forthcoming Big Screen Project in Chelsea, New York. Bringing a diverse selection of the best in Spanish contemporary art and film, Window to Spain turns this 30 ft by 16 ft HD LED screen into a direct flight to Spain. Design of the Triptych for …


Chryssi Rollinger info@chryssi.com +34 663 545 664   If you want to contact me, tell me what you think about my work or anything else, don’t hesitate!

Amaryllis studios, Mykonos


  AMARYLLIS, studio apartment, MYKONOS Logo design and web design for Amaryllis studios in Mykonos.     Arhontiko, hotel, MYKONOS Web design for Amaryllis studios in Mykonos.    

Latest paintings

SU & Wait till it’s 10.30 Shut ups · 2010 Concept that finds its origin in my skype status that always begins by “Shut up and…”. Expressing a mood, a feeling, an event, one single idea in one single phrase when you have a million things on your mind is very hard. On top of …