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      About me I’m originally from France. That’s where I grew up and studied graphic design and advertising. After I graduated I went to New York where I lived and worked for almost 2 years. Then I went back to my roots, in Greece. I’m french, yes, and half greek. I moved to Athens in …

  • Window to Spain

    Window to Spain Free 6-month “summer cinema” experience at the forthcoming Big Screen Project in Chelsea, New York. Bringing a diverse selection of the best in Spanish contemporary art and film, Window to Spain turns this 30 ft by 16 ft HD LED screen into a direct flight to Spain. Design of the Triptych for …

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    Chryssi Rollinger info@chryssi.com +34 663 545 664   If you want to contact me, tell me what you think about my work or anything else, don’t hesitate!

  • Ferran Trimmings

    Ferran Trimming #1